We help you improve happiness and retain employees with emotionally supportive lunch ‘n’ learns, workshops, and daily text messages.

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To start getting your emotional support text messages follow these 3 simple steps:

Afraid of losing employees to workplace dissatisfaction?

It’s no secret that stressed and anxious team members aren’t productive employees.

But it’s nearly impossible to help your team feel better when you’re dealing with more chaos and uncertainty than ever.

That’s where Emotionality comes in.

Emotional smarts for a happier workplace. 
E·mo·tion·al·i·ty: (noun) the degree to which an individual experiences and expresses emotions.

Here are your 6 basic emotional needs.

We designed the Emotionality text message service to help companies boost job satisfaction and hold on to A players.

“Holy cow, what a difference! I wish I knew this like 10 years ago! I’ve been such a drama queen and now my family actually likes me and includes me. AND I can express myself, I’m not the victim anymore. This is great!”

—Alex, Singer and Art Teacher

With the Emotionality Text Service you will become more emotionally intelligent and balanced with minimal effort, in 3-5 minutes a day.

Daily Text Messages

With the Emotionality text service, in just 3-5 minutes a day you’ll complete simple emotional intelligence lessons. When you do this repeatedly for an entire year, you become more emotionally intelligent and balanced with minimal effort.

Curated Lessons

Find out which emotional need you associate with by taking our Emotionality Quiz.

You will get the ones you need first.

Private Community

Receive support from like-minded people inside a private FB group. Ask questions, make connections, and share your struggles as well as success.

How can we support your company’s emotional culture? 

Help your employees manage difficult emotions with ease in just 3-5 minutes per day.

(During the program we’ll share more about how that works!)

Here’s what you get…

✔ Daily text messages
✔ Supportive emails
✔ Meditations
✔ Lessons
✔ Links to inspiring content
✔ Facebook Community

Ready to improve morale and employee retention?

Get text-based emotional support for your team today.

“I’ve got 8 kids and the first 5 were easy, I just didn’t understand my youngest 3. With this model, I get them and each of their emotional needs. Our home is so much more peaceful now that we know how to really respect each other’s unique needs. Thank you.”

—Todd, Entrepreneur and Father of 8

Ready to manage difficult emotions with ease and improve your life in just 3-5 minutes per day?

Get emotional intelligence support and insights today. For more information text or call +1(801) 893-1467.

Emotional Intelligence is the #1 predictor of success.

Frustration, stress, and other negative emotions are normal, so the goal isn’t to eliminate them. Rather, you simply need to powerfully navigate through them! This is why we developed The Emotionality text service to help you dissolve daily drama and resolve conflict quickly.
As you become more emotionally intelligent, life becomes more free, easy and enjoyable.

These messages are designed to help you better connect with yourself and with others. You will be better able to manage your own emotions as well as the emotions of others.